Ace 9000 kbd инструкция

ace 9000 kbd инструкция
Once in a while you might see an error message on your meter screen. Error 6: You’re using the wrong key, or your key has stopped working. All of our Smart Meters are certified to the strict security standards set out in our Supplier License and the Smart Energy Code (SEC), and are operated according to UK and EU safety regulations.

Read our cookies policyOk Our website requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to give you the best possible experience. Will you need access to my home? We’ll sometimes need access for routine maintenance. If we do need to visit, we’ll contact you in advance. We may also need access in an emergency. Blank display Nothing to worry about. To save battery power, your meter has a screen saver which will make the screen go blank when not in use.

Error 1 or E1 Your meter has a fault which we’ll need to look into. Electric 2 — Rate Meter If your meter has two rows of figures like this, it’s a 2-rate economy 7 or white meter. Hashes & signs it.2-5. Signed data is sent to the card reader/writer, which puts the data on the card. 3. Card Requirements3-1. Stores a few KB of data.3-2. Industry standard durability.3-3. Non-DMA interface. (Prob magstripe.)3-4. Cheap. (Note: See how unimportant the card is? Error A4/B4 The meter serial number on your key doesn’t match your meter.

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