Combur test инструкция

combur test инструкция
Most commonly, hematuria is the cause of the positive test result while myoglobinuria is rare. More than 10 percent of the world’s population suffers from kidney damage. False positive test results often occur in cats, and this test is clinically unreliable.

Protein Dogs and cats normally have small proteins that pass through the glomerular filter, however a majority of these proteins are resorbed by the renal tubules. Low reading may occur if the urine is alkaline. For a more accurate assessment of urine pH, a pH meter may be used. Samples containing urease-producing bacteria may have an elevated pH resulting in a false positive test result. Moderately high concentrations of ketones also may cause false negative test results if the amount of glucose is only slightly elevated. For infants, thoroughly wash the area around the urethra.

For girls, the bag is placed over the labia. The digital imaging will provide a high-quality image that mirrors what is seen at the microscope. Sample Handling In order to obtain accurate results, the urine collection, storage and handling must be sterile and follow standard procedures. Protein results must be analyzed with the urine specific gravity. Above 3.0 mmol/L — a dangerous level of ketones which will require immediate medical care. При исследовании тест‑полосками Урискан в 7‑ми пробах мочи из 17 образцов получены отрицательные результаты нитритного теста.

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