Детское автокресло graco booster basic инструкция по установке

детское автокресло graco booster basic инструкция по установке
These seats boost children up to ensure a correct seat belt fit. Remember the best seat is one that fits your child, fits your vehicle, and that you can install, then use correctly every time. Convertibles have better side head protection than boosters and that also gives the child more support when sleeping in the car.

You may use a backless booster if your vehicle has adequate head rests for whiplash protection. Входящий в комплект фиксатор-натяжитель диагонального автомобильного ремня безопасности, позволят точно отрегулировать положение ремня, увеличивая безопасность и комфорт во время поездок.Выдвигающиеся подстаканники.Регулируемые по высоте подлокотники.Для детей с массой от 15 до 36 кг. Pull the seat belt across your child’s body and buckle the seat belt.

Pull away from the vehicle’s seat back. If the seat doesn’t move, congratulations! The answer is easy: the LATCH is only holding the booster in place during normal use while the seat belt is holding the child in a crash. So the only weight being placed on the lower anchors is that of the booster seat itself. Manufacturers place an expiration date on carseats because plastic does go bad. Even if you’re confident in your car seat usage and installation abilities, or you have your local CPST on speed dial, you may still have problems installing this seat. The locking clip is designed to keep the lap portion of the lap/shoulder belt tight in a collision. A locking clip should NEVER be used with a lap-only belt. Если вы заботитесь не только о сохранности содержимого кошелька, но и о безопасности своих детей, в процессе выбора кресла ориентируйтесь на результаты краш-тестов, которые можно найти в интернете.

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