Ebs octabass инструкция

ebs octabass инструкция
There are going to be six available eventually but we grabbed the first four to arrive because we couldn’t wait! In addition to these four, you can expect a MultiDrive and a UniChorus in a month or two. The one-of-a-kind bass has a five-piece glued-on neck, customized bridge, abalone inlays [done by Paul], dual active Morch pickups, and a befuddling array of preamp options. Полностью аналоговая схема, широкий динамический диапазон, низкий уровень шума. The three way switch in the centre allows you to sculpt the tone of the octave effect but will leave your dry unaffected bass tone well alone. Mike’s setup also includes a 1500-watt Crest power amp, Yamaha crossover, and dbx compressor. The small footprint means that pedal board space doesn’t suffer as much as it does with some larger space-eating types.

See also: Bass Effects, EBS, EBS Bass Guitar Pedals & Effects. The pedals feature top mounted power jacks as well for supplying pedal power from an adaptor. Ideal for those who want to control their dynamics but not have too much of a squashing compression effect. The CAE 4×4 audio mixer sits in his rack and is controlled by the RS10 midi footswitch. The pedal recognizes two or three-note chords and trigger the lowest note.

EBS OctaBass — аналоговый басовый октавер, создаёт одну ноту на октаву ниже играемой вами, добавляя новое измерение в ваше звучание. The high setting adds upper midrange and top end accenting, giving the octave effect grit and presence whereas the lower setting creates a more sub-bass style bottom end that leaves space between the two octaves. Все как положено. … Electro-Harmonix NEO CLONE nano Автор Игорь — Рейтинг: Все гениальное — просто. There’s a nice sweet spot where the tone just breaks up — brilliant for warming up the midrange of your instrument.

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