Эмбоссер dc150i инструкция

эмбоссер dc150i инструкция
Choose from seven topping foil colors, including: black, gold, silver, red, white, dark blue and process blue. Maxima 821 / 821T (TIPPING module) Single-Feed Plastic Card Embossers A unit designed for immediate and decentralized issuance of small quantities of plastic cards. Download all, before decompressingDo You know someone, who could find this Service Manual useful?

Download Maxima BrochureDownload Instant Card Software Brochure Download: Maxima Comparison sheet TECHNICAL SHEET available options Infill device in front version (font OCR B1) or in rear (font OCR A1 or MasterCard). LCD off line editing. Equipment specifications, applications, and options are subject to change at the sole discretion of Datacard without notice. This chapter provides a system description of the 150i embosser. Depending on the options ordered, the 150i is also capable of indent printing and smart card personalization.

Datacard assumes no liability for incidental, special, or consequential damage of any kind. Trademark Acknowledgments Datacard is a registered trademark and LaserGrafix is a trademark of Datacard Corporation. Preventive Maintenance (PM) should be performed at 12-month intervals and after any of the following activities: · · · Any adjustment4.Theory of Operation.pdfChapter 4: Theory of Operation The 150i Card Personalization System operates as a standalone card embosser. Equipped with the SPA system: Cards are inserted and removed from the single access point for maximum operator convenience.

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