Harman kardon avr 171 инструкция на русском

harman kardon avr 171 инструкция на русском
This enables us to understand the significance of the bias trim pot. Initially, after 6 years of service, my 6550 showed a DC offset of 826/234 mV on L/R channels, both extremely high values, totally unacceptable. Далее сколь угодно поливайте меня грязью, однако останусь при своем. Да, фронты= JBL CF-100, Америка, 900 уе в 96 году.

Bear in mind that if output transistors are put in series/parallel, the overall quiescent current will amount to the sum of individual transistor currents. One is the amount of variation allowed for by the specific circuit, and the other are your heat sinks. They all seem hell- bent on finding the absolutely cheapest and worst trim potentiometers on the planet. Выбирая столь важную часть домашнего мультимедийного центра, стоит помнить, что она объединяет все отдельные устройства в единую систему. Now listen to that CD all over again — chances are you will hear a difference, anything from small to large, depending on how bad the situation with the original trim pots was. You’ll be surprised… Introduction I don’t know why, but over the last few years there seems to be a race on among the manufacturers of audio in the low and medium class.

Bringing music and movies to life Connect with us Arcam, The West Wing, Stirling House, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB25 9PB, United Kingdom A&R Cambridge Ltd Registered in England 2880174. Copyright 2001 Dejan V. Veselinovic — HTML by: David Lundin How to print this article. Turn the required way until you have as near to zero as possible. Take the new trim pots in your hand and rotate them from one side all the way to the next, counting the number of turns.

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