Инструкция администратора пкд

инструкция администратора пкд
Configuration for the Web Services CLI requires a P12 or JKS keystore. Поле для ручного ввода Поле карточки для хранения текста, введенного вручную. Renew key pair: Option to renew the key pair automatically before issuing a new certificate. CRL Downloader The service periodcally download a CRL from provided URL and imports it into EJBCA, including updating any revocation information for the certificates.

Обеспечивает надлежащее содержание и эксплуатацию помещений офиса в соответствии с правилами и нормами производственной санитарии и противопожарной защиты. The CT log function will make use of Java/JBoss proxy configurations. Used by action requests that are not executable.

These items specify the profit and loss account for discounts available and lost. Just select the actions that needs approval and the approval profile (see bellow) to use and save. Certificates that have an ‘OCSP service locator’ will be verified against the OCSP responder.

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