Инструкция для endress ese 1306 dsg gt es duplex

Safety-separated circuit — Insulation monitoring with shut-off The appliances turn themselves off automatically if the insulation resistance reaches a critical level. This protection measure requires appropriate earthing in which the earthing spike is connected with an earthing cable to the generator’s earthing screw for potential equalization. Original equipment Crane loading device Makes implementation and loa- ding easier – simple installation. Как известно, на работе техники негативно сказывается её перегрев. During use, the ECOtronic system recognizes whether output is being used or not. If no power is drawn, it significantly lowers the RPM. This happens automatically and the generator runs quietly, saving fuel, but is always in readiness. Это значит, что такая модель заводится от ключа зажигания, то есть так же, как автомобиль.

Electric startESE 606 DHG-GT ES DUPLEX400V- 50 Hz, AC. 4,8 kW continuous .230 V- 50 Hz, AC. 3,6 kW continuous .Voltage regulation: Duplex25 L. tank, petrol. Life = service time: approx. 3,000 — 5,000 hours. Electric start.ESE 1208 DHS-GT ES Diesel400V- 50 Hz, AC. 9,6 kW continuous .230 V- 50 Hz, AC. 4,3 kW continuous.Voltage regulation: Compound35 L. tank, diesel. The LP value is freely determined by the manufacturer and is therefore not comparable! Remote start and stop are also among the options, as are remote monitoring and proactive messages which warn of an imminent critical condition. These stand out thanks to their long-term reliability, high quality and cleanliness.
Our Duplex technology allows a voltage constant of up to +/- 1 % of nominal voltage (230 V), to protect your appliances. Electric start.ESE 1506 ES LS Diesel230 V- 50 Hz, AC. 12,8 kW continuous .Voltage regulation: Compound24 L. tank, diesel. Electric start. ESE 2006 DBS-GT ES 400V- 50 Hz, AC. 18,0 kW continuous .Voltage regulation: Compound35 L. tank, Diesel. The insulation monitoring func- tion is controlled from a test button.

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