Инструкция isapi dll открыть через iis7

инструкция isapi dll открыть через iis7
Click Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition system, for example. This happens because of an Antivirus software running on the IIS server is scanning the IIS compression directory. Map this to the physical directory holding the Gateway binaries.

SmugWimp at smugwimp dot com ¶11 years ago If you make changes to your PHP.ini file, consider the following. You only need to complete these steps are if you are re-configuring IIS Version 8.x to use an existing web server plug-in. For static file compression (like html, txt, and xml), you add the file extensions to the HcFileExtensions property. The default location for these files is: C:\cache-install-dir\csp\sys Recommended Option: Using Native Modules (CSPms*.dll) This is the recommended and most-used configuration option. It uses the new Native Modules interface supplied with IIS 7. This option provides the best performance. This is different in IIS7, but still, some people don’t want to install or run applications on their web servers. The other options in rewriting filters don’t have this combination of capabilities. At the same time, IIRF has limitations.

Define the two websites, including the filter setting, virtual host setting, and extension settings. Troubleshooting IIS 6 IIS 6/Windows 2003 users may need to perform additional steps. Therefore, use caution and proceed at your own risk. Image below shows the needed features in selected state. Also, copy/pasting the values into a command prompt or into the metabase.xml file (metabase direct-edit) is a bad idea….always type it manually!

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