Инструкция к набору лего венатор

инструкция к набору лего венатор
Law Maxim. — » No man is bound to accuse himself except before God.» It is a maxim of our law, that no man can be forced to become his own accuser. Law Term. — » He has confessed the ac- tion.» The case is so called where a defendant confesses the plaintiff’s cause against him to be true, and suffers judgment to be entered against him without trial. This) n tin- one side, Pyramus on the other, and the breath of their mouths was mutually caught by turns.» Constructio legis non facit injuriam.

Bona bonis contingunt. — » Blessings befall the good.» Bond fide. — » In good faith.» Bona malis paria non sunt, etiam pari numero ; nee Icetltia ulla mlriimo mcerbre pensanda. Ter. — » He’is very much mistaken, in my opinion, at all events, who thinks that an authority is more firm, or more last- ing, which is established by force, than that which is founded on affection.» Et facere et pati fortia Bomdnum est. This is most probably what is alluded to in a passage of Shakspeare, which has» so puzzled his commentators, » As I subscribe not these nor any other, But in the loss of question.» Measure for Measure, A. ii. s. 4. Casus quern scepe transit, aliquando inve’nit. Buchanan. — » While we fly from our fate, like fools we rush on to it.» Dum fata sinunt vivtte Iceti. Prov. — » The one sows, the other will reap.» Alio patriam qucerunt sub sole jacentem. Cic. — » Our country ought to be dearer to us than ourselves.» Decies repet’ita placebit.

Dextras dare. — «To give the right hands to each other.» An assurance of mutual friendship, or at least of security, because two right hands, when clasped, cannot conceal any weapon. Tibull. — » Credulous hope cherishes life, and ever tells us that to-morrow will be better.» Orescentem se.quitur cura pecuniam, Majorumque fames. Посмотрите запрос в списке либо на странице обсуждения этой статьи. Hob. — » And new and lately invented terms will have author- ity, if they are derived from Greek sources, with but little deviation.» Et nulli cessiira fides, sine crlmine mores, Nudaque simplicitas, purpureusque pudor. Prov. — «More crafty than the cuckoo,» who lays her eggs in the nest of unother bird. At daemon homini quum struit aliquid malum, JPervertit illi primttus inentem suam. See Dum deliberamus, &c. Delicice illPpidce atque inelegantes.

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