Инструкция к стиральная машина miele ws 5446 mc 23

инструкция к стиральная машина miele ws 5446 mc 23
Any changes to the standard machine version must be noted on a card left with the machine as a record for any subsequent servicing work. Cottons Cottons and linen fabrics, e.g. bed linen, 95°C to 30°C 1250 table linen, towelling, jeans, T-shirts, un- derwear, nappies. Page 41: Levelling The Machine Installation Levelling the machine The machine must stand perfectly level on all four feet to ensure safe and proper operation. ^ Using a screwdriver loosen foot 1 to- gether with counter nut 2 by turning it anti-clockwise, and unscrew to the required height.

Additional Water level: high options which can be selected have not Rinses been taken into account. Before discarding an old machine Textiles which have been unplug it. Additional op- Water level: low tions which can be selected have not No. of rinses: 2 been taken into account. Coin-box / time counter: ^ Insert coins / tokens.

First add detergent and then the water softener. Page 32: Problem Solving Guide Problem solving guide Problem solving guide With the help of the following notes minor faults in the performance of the ap- pliance, some of which may result from incorrect operation, can be put right with- out contacting the Service Department. Always make sure that the drum is stationary before reaching into the machine to remove laundry. Check that the transit fitting at the rear of the machine has been removed. Remove the siphons from the two front compartments and rinse under warm running water.

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