Инструкция к zokoo car speaker

инструкция к zokoo car speaker
The Zoook Rocker 2 has an ergonomic design for easy usage. Rechargeable Battery The Zoook Rocker 2 incorporates 4400mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides 10 hours of continuous wireless fun and entertainment. Attend incoming calls (hands-free). Wireless Connectivity Connect any Bluetooth enabled device with your Zoook Rocker 2 and play media content of your choice, conveniently. Battery Level Indication Do not worry about the battery drainage and charging requirements in the middle of a party, as the speaker has been designed with attractive, battery level indicators.

These lights are sure to change your mood and atmosphere. You can do this on many devices by accessing the SETTINGS menu, and then choosing GENERAL > BLUETOOTH > ON. 2. Turn your Speaker on. 3. Your device will show the name of your speaker as an available device. Forget the one-dimensional sound experience and enter the world of multi-dimensional audio output with Zoook.

Also, it is a wireless connection; hence, it enables you to keep the place clutter-free. These lights are definitely going to change the atmosphere, while enhancing your audio entertainment. Moreover, if you will switch off the LED lights, the Zoook is designed to perform even better in terms of battery usage.

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