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Add $6.00 for shipping lo USA and Canada. When you have assembled a larger collection of components and need a better sorting ar- rangement, try usins coin enve- lopes from your stationery store. A box of seveni! hundred costs only a few dollars. Other No-Code Techs will enjoy reading about your adventures in ham radio— and well pay you for your articles. Towers available for hurricane winds, A Super ‘duty Crank- up Towers to 1 16 ft. A Fold-Over Kit Options. A High («Heights») Standards in DESIGN and QUALITY . . — Compare to other brands — the differences are astounding! A Flexible and easy installations, 1529 Gulf Beach Wvry. Save time and take ihe guesswork out of winding coils and determining resonant frequency of tuned circuits and Q of» coils. Lei me ex- plain this in simple terms and see if it doesn’t make sense to you.

While not a Cushman station monitor, it works Just fine. Replace the dunmiy load with an antenna and ad- just T2 and T3 by ear for best recep- tion. Or use a signal generator set to the crystal frequency if you have one. Run on 9 VOC. standard 1 volt p-p video, Use our transmrtters lor wields transmission to TV set or add our IB-I Interface board kit tor audio sound piCKup and supe^ easy direci wire hook-up to ai^y Video nfwnNor, VCR or TV wth JW input. While much more of a mechanical challenge than solar panels, a modest wind gen- erator in a good location will generate five times the po\^er for the same out- lay of cash.
This is a nice touch from Ten- Tec and I wish they would extend this thinking down to the phase level, packing all the different phases into separate bags. What kind of a business would the medical industry be if all it had to do was repair the dam- age done by accidents and muggings? Unable to find safety in their dens, the foxes sought cover in thickets, A little before noon, after a gala lawn breakfast, all the gen- try horsemen would gather at one end of a thicket. Back at the RF power amplifier, bias control R45, a PC-type irimpoi, may be set at max for full power or cranked down if you feci less is called for and want 10 conserve battery. Rated at 72 volts, the motor will generate 12 volts when spun at around 100 RPM, so direct-drive is feasible.

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