Инструкция на е сигарету dse u6

инструкция на е сигарету dse u6
The width of the strip was slightly over three inches, and it was approximately one and a half mil- linielers thick. For example, coils of different diam- eters may be assessed, as well as what adding or removing turns would mean. Additionally, it is possible to con- struct multiband coils for the regen re- ceiver, using a variety of techniques: (1) Use a rainiatore toggle switch to short out the top 3 or 4 windings of the shortwave coil This will have die effect of raising the coil tuning fre- quency. Today’s radios are so accurate that you do not have to have a frequency counter to maintain them on frequency.

Siark ville. MS 3*^759 LSA • Add i6 s/li Number 10 on your Feedback card Emergency Power for Hams . . . including your own experimental wind generaton Thomas Miller WA8YKN 314 South 9th Street Richmond IN 47374 Last year was a recoj’il one For violent weather around the world. Mounted on a short section of mast welded to the angle-iron cradle, the rotor controls a tail vane made from the same corru- gated plastic signboard as was used for the blades. Here arc a few of the messages that had been re- portedly programeied into the non-volatile voice chip in Beat- nik/Swatchsat: Lei peace beat you, not war defeat you, I just want to hear your hearts beat at their own pace on Earth in the universe. When a disaster strikes, hams are expected to be part of the solution. If your own household is unprepared, you will end up being part of the problem.

The problem I found w ith this de- sign was that the slightest amount of physical shock would cause the halter- ies to «spring loose» from their hold- ers. Stand by for news!» Some things never change — 30 73 Amateur Radio Today • July 1 999 Number 3f on your Feedback card The Amazing Wiebelfeltzer TIlis CW filter is semi-analog, quasi’digital, and weirdo-nomic. Law-giving actually precedes Murphy by a good many centuries. You get an easy access front-panel with five- way binding posts for heavy duty use and a cigarette lighter socket for mobile accessories. Eliminate. 18. Analogies in writing are (ike feathers on a snake. 1 9. The passive voice is to be avoided. 20. Go around the barn at high noon to avoid colloquialisms. These are available in sizes ranging from smaU 200 watt units up to very large invert- ers capable of producing 3,000 watts or more.

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