Инструкция на свинг 5000

инструкция на свинг 5000
Example 4 A construction worker is wearing a PFAS including a 6-foot rip-stitch lanyard. He uses a strap anchor to tie off around a steel ceiling joist 4 feet above the D-ring on his back. The total fall clearance distance is calculated before a decision is made to use a PFAS. If the available distance is not greater than the total fall clearance distance, it is inappropriate to use the PFAS and a fall restraint system might be used instead. Optional Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valve which prevents water from pooling at the base of slopes or hillsides. Self-retracting lifeline (line wound on a reel in a reel-housing) The lifeline is wound on a reel and automatically extends or retracts to take up slack in the line as the worker moves about. A sudden extension in the line activates a locking mechanism that typically includes a deceleration device. Some, but not all, climb assist systems incorporate fall protection features. Strap Anchor Cable anchorage sling For use around structural steel or I-beams.

The following are indications that a plywood cover’s size and orientation will generally keep workers from falling through a hole: The plywood piece is larger than the hole size so that it is possible to cover the hole with the shortest panel side overlaying the longest unsupported hole dimension. The GT500/8500 is engineered for both interior and exterior use. Body Belt In general, harnesses are preferable to body belts.

This value can then be compared to the available vertical clearance actually available at the work location. The plywood cover’s size and orientation can affect the cover’s overall effectiveness. Analog resistive single-touch variants round out the product spectrum. However, the guidelines do not provide all the information necessary to build a complete system. The free fall distance can be reduced by moving the anchor above the D-ring. The grab can slide off the end of the rope if the rope is too short, if a knot is not tied near the end of the rope, or if the grab is not installed properly.

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