Инструкция по кофемашина expobar office pulser

инструкция по кофемашина expobar office pulser
Once the cover is removed the knob should look like this. If the knob is spinning in place continuously then the clip is broken. First unscrew the entire tip assembly from the wand arm. Посетители кофеен и ресторанов понимают, что приготовить вкусный бодрящий напиток в домашних условиях сложно.

Bij een mogelijk defect verzorgen wij de «Pick-up, Replace & Return» van de Expobar Office Pulser espressomachine tijdens de garantieperiode. Een ander voordeel van de E61 industriestandaard is, dat het eenvoudig te onderhouden is en er altijd onderdelen voorradig zijn. Remove the top of the machine and inspect the wiring.

Soak the valve in a solution of hot water and backflushing powder, and use a grouphead cleaning brush to remove any major scale deposits on the part. Mineral deposits can easily collect in the screen/holes of the hot water tap, so be sure to clean these thoroughly. Remove the head of the machine and take a look inside to see if you see any obvious issues. Passive / Active: Passive Portafilter Data Material: Chrome Plated Brass Type: Commercial Style Quantity Included: 1 Weight: 1 lb Diameter: 58 mm. Instructions for doing a steam test for the machine can be found in the video below: Make sure the steam boiler is turned on for the machine.

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