Инструкция по монтажу wtv 406 miele

инструкция по монтажу wtv 406 miele
Draining with Shurflo #3200-011 24 volt macerator pump Install flush plate in deck for removable fighting chair Live bait tanks port and starboard aft cockpit. Blowers at fwd end of engine room with screened blower inlet Fire/Smoke Dampers – Ruskin low leakage control damper, 47.5 cm x 47.5 cm (18″ x 18″) stainless steel rear flanged equipped with a side mounted Honeywell H-2024 (24 volt DC) fast-acting, two position actuator. Supply manifold furnished with isolation ball valves from fresh water tank, to each fresh water pump, and from the water maker.

Deck lamination schedule per construction plan Standard colors from PAE provided color chart. The system to be provided with 30.48 m (100′) of shore power cable. Switching logic to parallel with 24 volt house bank for emergency starting #1 Generator starting – two ( 2) Group 31 “Lifeline” AGM connected in series for 24 volt starting. Guest head, Two (2) Wheel house head: Imtra “Zeus” 24 volt DC Deck Floodlights: Two (2) Aqua signal # 19069040 230 volt/500 watt series 1069 mounted on port and starboard cockpit overhang Spotlight: Carlisle & Finch 200 watt 230 volt AC spotlight #XY2EDE-RF with dual station remote controls. Additional ballasted added during tank testing for trim.

Stainless steel kelp cutters fwd. of fins tied to bonding system. Часто мы сталкиваемся с утерей бумажного руководства пользователя, но на Многодок можно найти его в электронном виде. Two forward tanks will be transferred to main engine room tanks thru the fuel transfer system section G.2.H FRP construction from male molds using vinylester resin. To comply with all ABYC codes for diesel fuel tanks. All drains to have “P” traps or Heppa valves and sloped down hill run to tank. Pump inlet to draw within 2.5 cm (1″) of the absolute bottom of the tank.

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