Инструкция по установке камеры nbn 498

инструкция по установке камеры nbn 498
Watch the exacqVision 7.0 Release Overview video Camera Links exacqVision 7.0 introduces Camera Links, which allow exacqVision users to configure overlay controls that will display when hovering over a camera in live view. The cameras are easy to install and ready to use, and are eminently suitable for integration into large video surveillance systems. Enhanced ‘My Systems’ reporting and functionality Two new features have been added to the exacqVision ‘My Systems’ page. Our thanks once again to the entire PSA organization for the great job they did with this years’ well-run event.

Talk about the ultimate app. “It gives even a small-business owner the ability to manage their business without being on-site,” said Exacq President David Underwood, who co-founded the maker of video management system software and servers. Under the list section in the dashboard is a new option “Open or Unacknowledged Events” which includes both lists into one. ESM Filter Indication ESM users can see a visual indication when filters are active on a page. New IP Camera Integrations We have added support for more than 50 new IP camera models in exacqVision 7.4 release and updated over 175 test records. exacqVision now supports nearly 3,000 IP cameras.

Our congratulations to the entire group at Gate Security for a successful trade fair. The Exacq mobile app now supports viewing event monitors that have been configured within the exacqVision client. This new functionality automatically syncs actions being performed across multiple servers. New Sony IP Camera Models support Support has been added for the latest models of HD IP cameras from Sony.

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