Инструкция по установке карт garmin на windows ce 6 0

инструкция по установке карт garmin на windows ce 6 0
Fixed issues with short route avoidances avoiding the wrong places. Fixed an issue with driving directions for routes that take a series of unnamed roads. Changed the Route Dialog so that it won’t prevent name changes that differ by only case. Modified MapSource so that when a waypoint is created on a city map feature, the application will automatically use the City icon. Changed map tool to select the map with the edge that is closest to the pointer when there are overlapping maps (as in BlueChart data). Changed map tool to highlight all maps that will be selected when dragging with the mouse. Changed MapSource so that the entire map is not redrawn when the crosshair is enabled.

Easy-to-use BlueChart Mobile gives you the same object-oriented data and seamless chart presentation you’ve come to expect from your networked chartplotter. Fixed problem where hovering over the print icon did not show a tooltip. The previous version always displayed these in English regardless of what language MapSource was using. Fixed import of GPX files to handle prefixed names. Fixed issue with slow UI response while hovering over some areas with the map tool. Changed the help menu commands. We now have the command ?MapSource help? which replaces the two commands ?Contents? and ?Index?? for accessing the MapSource help file.

Fixed error with the specification of some states or countries in searches in the ?Find Places? dialog. Что касается самой картинки на экране, то она смотрится очень сочно и реалистично. На сегодняшний день полная версия программы «Прогород» оценивается в 1390 рублей. Provided a visual highlight on both the map window and the Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks tabs so that it is more obvious to the user which one has the input focus. This is the most accurate way for passengers to see the boat’s progress and position from anywhere on the boat when the Apple device’s assisted-GPS is unavailable.

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