Инструкция пользователя для golden surfer 10 11

инструкция пользователя для golden surfer 10 11
Back in the plot window, click Home | New Map | Base. In the Import dialog, select the newly saved BLN file and click Open. Method 1: To add a profile to an existing map with one or more grid-based map layers: Select your map. Who else offers that service in this day and age?

For different fill colors and patterns, you can convert the polylines in each Base layer to a polygon and fill the polygon. To do this: Right click over one of the Base layers in the Contents window and click Edit Group. Scroll to the bottom of the worksheet and note how many rows of data there are. Click File | Open In the Open dialog, select the DAT file and click Open to open the DAT in Surfer’s worksheet.

Click File | Close to close the file. Select the farthest node to the left, hold the CTRL key down and click below the bottom axis and to the left of the left axis. Choose the appropriate surface from the Current profile dropdown list, and then edit the line and fill properties for that surface.

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