Инструкция redring powerstream

инструкция redring powerstream
Measure voltage on the water heater’s terminal block while operating at maximum flow and maximum temperature setting. The following flow rates are provided as a guide for our 9.5kW Powerstream Summer Months (average incoming water temperature: 20 degrees) Powerstream will deliver 4 litres per minute: 54 degrees, 5 litres per minute: 47 degrees and 6 litres per minute 42 degrees. Finish Model Cat No. Powerstream Ascari White PSA12 45551860 The Powerstream Ascari should be permanently connected to the electrical supply through a double linked switch with minimum breaking capacity for the loading. Country: x Shop your local site: (You will be redirected) Home /. Refer to Graph 1 on Page 8 of the manual. Redring have been UK market leaders in water heating and water boiling for over 45 years, with expert design, manufacturing and sales teams on hand to bring innovative market to homes.

Maximum flow rates for each unit are as follows. AE-115 = 2.3gpm, AE-125 = 3.5gpm. WATER SUPPLY PRESSURE TOO LOW Verify incoming water supply is at least 30psi. Technical Data — 9.5kW Powerstream :Cable size guide: 6/10mmm (please seek advice from a qualified engineer) Fuse Rating Guide: 40ampsOperating Pressure: 15-150psiKilowatt loading @ 230-240v: 8.7 – 9.5Thermal cut out protection. Flow Rate [PDF]. Refer to Graph 1 on Page 8 of the manual. ONE OR MORE OF THE HEATING MODULE THERMAL CUT-OUTS HAS TRIPPED Shut off the power to the unit, remove the cover and locate thermal cutouts on the top of each heating module. The addition of too much cold water will overpower hot water demand from the tankless water heater. Turn temperature knob located on the bottom of the water all the way clockwise for maximum temperature setting. Watts brand 25AUB- ¾” or N35B-¾” pressure reducing/regulating valves or equivalent is suggested. CHANGING FLOW RATE Major changes in flow rate can adversely affect the output water temperature of the heater.

Inside there is a copper heating element which means the water is purer because of the composition of the copper. This water heater is designed for a cold water feed only. If thermal cut outs keep tripping, check for continuity through the elements. They are perfect for running 2 sinks but will not run a bath. Flow rates vary during winter and summer months when the temperature of the incoming water changes. Rated 5 out of 5 by russandnit from Neat Heater I purchased 2 of these for customers that wanted to have their Cylinder removed to make room in the cupboard.

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