Инструкцию по установке модема adsl adn 4101a

инструкцию по установке модема adsl adn 4101a
Diagnosis: either the kernel has no MPPE support, or this version of pppd is incompatible with the MPPE kernel module version you used. Возможно, вам просто кто-то другой настраивал маршрутизатор и пароли вам не сообщил. Step 11 After got a DDNS domain name and account, you can go to the router’s web management page to configure DDNS. After click Login button you will see Connection Status becomes successful. James documented the use of —clamp-mss-to-pmtu for connections that freeze. 2002-07-17 Mike Machado found a solution for the «short read Protocol not available» problem. The local pppd was built without 40-bit MPPE support, or 40-bit MPPE was disabled, and so it decided it could not proceed. Если это не помогло, то будем провертеть более сложные причины.

You can click to download the Release Note. Contributed by Andrew Cilia.)2003-10-13LCP TermReq id=0x3 «MPPE required but not available» Symptom: debug logs contain this sequence:MPPE required, but kernel has no support.sent [LCP TermReq id=0x3 «MPPE required but not available»] See below.2003-06-05MPPE required, but kernel has no support. Solution 1: add nopcomp to the options. (noaccomp may also be required, though for some people it stops it working.) Solution 2: turn off MPPC at the PPTP Server. See below for likely cause. If that doesn’t fix it, enable debug logging, try the connection again, and look for rejection packets just prior to this message. Suggested by Chris King.2003-04-01 Add another two paths to the IP loop section. Thanks to Ernst via the support tracker.2002-09-10 Greeno on found that the write to a GRE socket could fail with Operation not permitted if iptables rules were set to prevent GRE traffic.2002-08-20 Added pointer to ppp_generic.c patches in CVS, and comment about SuSE 8 kernel not including them.

Всё, после этого можно отключать устройство от компьютера и устанавливать в месте плохого приёма. The GRE-to-PPP gateway sends the packets, but they are dropped by the packet filter before being transferred to the interface. Diagnosis: your system may have iptables or ipchains rules that prevent GRE transmission. Diagnosis: you have given pppd the option require-mppe which forces the use of encryption, but the authentication phase did not use MS-CHAP[v2], it used something else. MPPE requires the use of MS-CHAP[v2] for establishing initial encryption keys. pppd terminates once it detects this conflict.

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