Лего техник 42006 инструкция трактора

лего техник 42006 инструкция трактора
Building instructions for mammoth are available here since Christmas day. Summer has begun with couple of LEGO Friends sets. I’ve rebuilt one of them (41094 — Heartlake lighthouse) to carousel. Brickset members have written 38399 set reviews. 6544 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 13943 in the last 7 days, 23363 in the last month. 386 people have joined this week. Recently I plan to built tracked vehicle with mechanical arm and remote control but I have problems with chassis so we’ll see.

Originally I planed to build telehandler or skid steer loader from set 8067 but it got out of my hands and I’ve obtained dog… 🙂 Building instruction for this dog is already available here. I opened mini set 4916 at weekend again and built grasshopper from it. They can be great if you can pick them up in a toy sale, or in the childrens toy section of sites like eBay. Trike has rear wheel suspension and Im going to add its building instructions here soon too. I also began working on scooter from set 8048 so we will see whether it is successful or not in a short time. All have begun with set 31004. I’ve built rabbit out of this set right after dismantling eagle. I don’t know if it is some kind of abberation 🙂 because the first animal that occurs to me is rabbit anytime. Polar bear built out of set 31034 (white robot) was the first of them. I’ve focused on testing potential of this set by building some animal and polar bear was the first white animal that came into my mind.

You can see them at official web of this project and of course you can download building instructions for them there too. October 16, 2011 — New alternative models Last month was productive in field of Lego again. In addition to visiting Legoland Germany I built two new alternative models. This is just music of future… Now I plan to focus on water world and building model for contest To sail the Technic sea opened at eurobricks. Both models feature pull motor and detailed interior with steering wheel and seat. Technicopedia: Excavators The excavators produced by LEGO Technic vary widely in size and in the way that their functionality is achieved.

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