Professional wireless microphone system yamaha ym-288 инструкция подключение

professional wireless microphone system yamaha ym-288 инструкция подключение
Описание :Уровни выходного сигнала плавно регулируются по каналам. Чувствительность — 80db Система подавления помех — 90db Система защиты от выпадания сигнала. Price EachA 3066 Component / RCA / ToslinkDesigned to split a single VGA, SVGA or XGA signal to multiple monitors. Some dashboard symbols can also be projected, such as water temperature and battery warnings. Ideal for feeding a computer video output into a HDMI equipped TV or projector for demonstrations, education presentations etc. Infra-red extender port can be connected to the included IR target.

Four standard outputs, two discrete outputs (see below for more information about ‘discrete IR’) and one ‘direct injection’ output. The signals are relayed to your equipment by the IR target, which can be located discretely under your TV (all target and emitter cables are 3m long). The four IR emitters transmit signals to your AV devices. Analogue display provides instant feedback when adjusting your aerial on the roof. Installation is made easier via Power over UTP, which only requires a single power source at either the receiver or transmitter end (power can also be connected at rear of wallplate). Bi-directional IR control allows control of both AV source equipment & television from either room. All connections are via rear panel pluggable screw terminal blocks. Радиосистема Shure SM-58II Extended с 2 радиомикрофонами SM58II Extended. цена 2000 грн.

Streams over your home wi-fi connection without the need for a computer or smartphone. Includes power supply, two IR targets & two IR emitters. ScreenVESAWeightPanTilt10”-24” 100 x 100 12kg 100° 100° Depth from surface: 150mm. Transmit sources to secondary locations over a single 75 coaxial cable. Boosts antenna signal by approximately 10-12dB for improved TV reception. Includes power supply. HDCP & V1.4 compliant. 3D 4K x 2K, 12-bit deep colour and HD lossless audio support.Allows one of four VGA inputs to be displayed on a single VGA monitor.

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