Rx-v659 инструкция

rx-v659 инструкция
You must set the appropriate remote control code for each input source (see page 101). The following table shows the function of each control button used to control other components assigned to each input selector button. Page 75: Sound Field Program Descriptions (DSP) chip containing several sound field programs which you can use to enhance your playback experience. Page 22: Audio And Video Signal Flow CONNECTIONS Audio and video signal flow ■ Audio signal flow for AUDIO OUT (REC) DIGITAL AUDIO COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OPTICAL AUDIO Digital output Analog output Note This unit handles digital and analog signals independently. For the RX-V667, RX-V867, RX-A700, RX-A800 & RX-A1000 receivers. However, the advanced setup menu parameters will not be initialized. Important safety notice: The EXTRA SP speaker terminals of this unit should not be connected to a Passive Loudspeaker Selector Box or more than one loudspeaker per channel.

Adobe Reader® by Adobe Systems Incorporated is required to view PDF files.The latest version of Adobe Reader is available for download free of charge from Adobe’s Web site. Go to Product Information Return to Top. With 3 front channels (front L/R and center), and 2 surround stereo channels, Dolby Digital provides 5 full-range audio channels. This ability to create sound fields at will is exactly what YAMAHA has done with the digital sound field processor. Click on the photo above to see a larger version.

Page 42: Playback PLAYBACK CAUTION Extreme caution should be exercised when you play back CDs encoded in DTS. If you play back a CD encoded in DTS on a DTS-incompatible CD player, you will only hear some unwanted noise that may damage your speakers. Refer to the diagrams in the table below to understand the speaker layout for each sound field program. Adjusts the amount of time taken for the dense, subsequent reverberation sound to decay by 60 dB at 1 kHz. This changes the apparent size of the acoustic environment over an extremely wide range. Previously preset stations can no longer be tuned into.

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