S-monovette инструкция

Благодаря наличию широкого спектра S-Monovette® с заранее добавленными реагентами для различных видов анализов (ЭДТА для гематологии, цитрат натрия для коагулогии, активатор свертывания для получения сыворотки), значительно облегчается работа медсестер и лаборатории. Using the vacuum technique, a «fresh» vacuum is always available. Regardless of tube manufacturer, the vacuum aspiration also imposes an increased bias as compared with the aspiration mode, since the specification for allowable bias derived from biological variation (i.e., ± 1.8%) is exceeded for potassium. This study was aimed to compare the probability of hemolysis by drawing blood with a commercial evacuated blood collection tube, and S-Monovette used either in the “vacuum” or “aspiration” mode.

Закрытая система взятия крови, состоящая из шприца-пробирки и иглы, значительно усовершенствована за последнее время. Закручивающаяся крышка предотвращает «аэрозольный эффект» при открывании. В настоящее время система S-Monovette® ,широко используется в раз личных медицинских учреждениях г. Москвы. Significant increased values of both parameters were however found in serum collected into BD Vacutainer and S-Monovette by vacuum mode, compared to serum drawn by S-Monovette in aspiration mode. The result is improved infection protection, allowing the user to work safely with the S-Monovette®. + An expiry date is necessary in order to rule out any influence caused by the ageing process and in order to ensure a consistently high sample quality.
The accurate standardization of the pre-analytical phase is of pivotal importance for achieving reliable results of coagulation tests and should reduce the side effects of the influence factors. Blood should be collected from the patient when he or she is in a sitting or lying position. References 1. Lippi G, Simundic AM, Mattiuzzi C. Overview on patient safety in healthcare and laboratory diagnostics. Clin Chem Lab Med 2012;50:599-600. -2012-0120. 10. Cuhadar S, Atay A, Koseoglu M, Dirican A, Hur A. Stability studies of common biochemical analytes in serum separator tubes with or without gel barrier subjected to various storage conditions.

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