Scanmaster-elm wi-fi инструкция

scanmaster-elm wi-fi инструкция
Where to Purchase Purchasing your diagnostic scanner from a trusted source is important. You’ll have lots of app and software options, as OBDLink MX is backwards-compatible with the popular ELM327 command set. Эти требования, известные как система OBD-II, получили распространение во всех штатах. Key Features World’s fastest Wi-Fi OBD adapter – Accelerates apps by up to 250% and PC software by up to 300%. Experience faster screen updates and more graph points. Works on Android and iOS phones & tablets, Windows PCs & laptops – Transform any of these into a sophisticated diagnostics tool and performance monitor.

These scanners can be used for professional or entertainment purposes. The most common use a chip made by ELM Electronics. The ELM327 Bluetooth : It has the advantage of being wireless and can be used with a computer or an Android smartphone. The new v1.5 units proved to be light-years ahead in terms of reliability, being able to connect and maintain connections without disruption. If you have a working version of the v1.4 scanner and you are not experiencing any trouble, there is likely no need to upgrade. ReplyMike23 Months Agodoes this work on 2014 911 4S? See reference to 2010 cars and while mine is a 991 series car, just want to confirm it will work. The ELM327 WiFi : Its wireless connection means it can be used with a computer or a smartphone.

Upgradeable firmware – Free updates that unlock new features and keep your adapter up to date. New : Elm Electronics have just released version 2.1 of their ELM327 circuit. Однако в 2014 году в дополнение к v1.5 непосредственно в Китае была создана «оптимизированная» модификация v2.1, на иной элементной базе и с собственной прошивкой. Just what you may need if you want to stay in complete control. Текущие данные (Data Stream) Модуль предназначен для снятия текущих параметров системы управления двигателем в режиме реального времени. После этого предварительно установленное на ноутбуке / планшете / смартфоне программное обеспечение позволит осуществить связь с адаптером и вывести параметры автомобиля на экран гаджета.

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