Сигнализация экселент инструкция пользователя

Unison is resilient to failure. It is careful to leave the replicas and its own private structures in a sensible state at all times, even in case of abnormal termination or communication failures. This prevents Unison from deleting everything on one replica when the other disappear. The special uid 0 and the special group 0 are never mapped via user/group names even if this preference is not set.owner When this flag is set to true, the owner attributes of the files are synchronized.

Graphical Interface: You should get a big empty window with a message at the bottom notifying you that all files are identical. Then sync and shutdown the system normally, reattach the UPS, and reboot. The textui executable provides just the textual interface.If you don’t see a pre-built executable for your architecture, you’ll need to build it yourself. The sorting preferences are described in more detail in the user manual.
Improved error reporting when the destination is updated during synchronization: Unison now tells which file has been updated, and how. When it is provided, no preference file is read: all preferences must be specified on thecommand line. The old names are also still supported, for backwards compatibility, but they do not appear in the documentation.

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