Steel mate 986 инструкция

steel mate 986 инструкция
The green arrow shows the connector to the crossover pipe, the yellow arrow shows the connector to the air-oil separator unit. However, you need to remove it from the engine and then reinstall it later on in the opposite direction. The red arrow points to the return line connection for the 996 engine. Large Image | Extra-Large Image Figure 31 As mentioned previously, there are several miniature plastic vacuum hoses that need to be routed from the intake manifold. Large Image | Extra-Large Image Figure 56 With the engine installed in the car, it’s time to attach the oil filler tube. I like to use the improved-style OEM German hose clamps to secure the tube to its base. Large Image | Extra-Large Image Figure 41 Install and route the engine wire harness following how it was installed on your Boxster motor.

While the process of adapting the fuel rails to the 996 engine is not difficult, there are several paths you can take. Large Image | Extra-Large Image Figure 52 Installation time! Clearance is very tight, so be sure that you hook up your vacuum line before you install the engine all the way in the car. In this photo, the engine has about six to eight more inches to go before it’s at its final height. Two-way remotes will notify you as soon as anything happens with your motorcycle as long as you are inside the range of the remotes.

The yellow arrow points to the section of straight-pipe PVC that needed to be cut to length in order to join the right-angle piece and the remainder of the Boxster air intake. When installing the engine into your engine bay, be sure that you confirm that the fuel hose is not rubbing on any other items, or is coming in contact with any component that may cause it to wear. The inset photo shows the 996 injectors and rails removed.

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