Tc electronic g major 2 инструкция

tc electronic g major 2 инструкция
Компания из Дании TC Electronic занимается разработкой и производством музыкального оборудования, включая гитарные процессоры, компьютерные аудио интерфейсы, эквалайзеры, оборудование для студий и для пост-продакшна. Like the G-System and the original G-Major, the G-Major 2 also provides the ability to control channel switching of many different amps — but not all — through the built in ¼” stereo-wired relay switch. Learn enables you to press a footswitch on your controller that you want to assign to a particular modifier and the G-Major 2 automatically learns the continuous controller (CC) value for instant recall. Packed into a sturdy single-rackspace chassis, the G-Major 2 gives you all the great features that made the original G Major so popular, plus a wealth of new effects and functions. These types of MIDI footswitch controllers are sometimes also called MIDI pedals or MIDI footswitches. That means it is suitable for professional rock guitarists who wear heavy boots.

Studio3.08, 21.01.2014 I spent a lot of time researching before settling on the G-Major 2. It has everything that you need for a rack guitar setup. And, you don’t need a degree in engineering to understand it. Footswitches are from very durable line of switches called Antivandal, but they remain very silent.

Once we programmed a few presets to the User Bank on the G-Major 2 via the hardware interface, it was just a matter of hitting the Sync button in the Vyzor editor to upload our presets into the computer. Manuals G-Major 2 Certificates of Conformity G-Major 2. Software G-Major 2 Editor 2 and Firmware Released: Thursday, August 21, 2008Note: For Windows XP and higher.

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