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this building instruction only at lego com technic инструкция по
All words are of my own and are not influenced in anyway. PS: so sorry if I’ve been unresponsive and haven’t posted much. One of the highlights of this set is that you build the Porsche 911 from the ground up, closely replicating the actual manufacturing process of real 911s. In many ways, it feels like you’re being led along on a journey, playing the active spectator as the Technic Porsche takes shape. These types of things are fair game for any LEGO Ideas member to produce, so if you submit something like this others are also free to submit their own versions.

Images of children who appear to be under 13 will be removed to comply with international child safety laws. The book ends with an invitation to begin building the Technic Porsche 911. Let’s get into it. The tiny sticker that bears the Porsche emblem is placed in the front, although I feel that it’s a little too small for my tastes. You will absolutely enjoy all that the Porsche 911 GT3 RS has to offer, possibly even more than me! End-to-end a really enjoyable build and I highly recommend it to any fan of the Technic theme. Good and acceptable photo quality: Unacceptable photo quality (we won’t accept photos like this): Digital images must not be pixilated, distorted, hard to read, have jagged edges, etc.

You agree not to upload images that belong to someone else as a part of your project, even if that person gives you permission. If you want someone else’s idea to become a reality through LEGO Ideas, please ask them to post it. The Lava Orange colour scheme is quite a contentious issue, but I quite like it as it’s bright, vivid and pure eye-candy. It makes the Porsche 911 stand out in a way that only a bright orange colour scheme can pull off. Please link to relevant third-party web pages instead of including or embedding them in your projects. Here’s another look at what Box 1 builds you. You may not mock-up concept LEGO product box art in your images. There is a possibility your projects and our own new product development will unintentionally overlap.

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