Vehicle recorder d3 инструкция

vehicle recorder d3 инструкция
The following is recorded from the November 2014 edition of the Connecticut Driver’s Manual in Spanish. Chapter 2: Before You Get Behind the Wheel Listen to Chapter 2 Chapter 3: Driving Behaviors Listen to Chapter 3 Chapter 4: Road Safety Listen to Chapter 4 Chapter 5: Know the Road Listen to Chapter 5. While the audio version is being updated, DMV is offering the 2014 recording version as a study tool since most of the manual’s information is unchanged. Please note that this manual’s contents are not a precise statement of Connecticut law. The Driver’s Manual is in MP3 audio format files and can be played in Windows Media Player, QuickTime or any other standard program that can play MP3s. You can play the file on your computer or download it for later playing on your computer in your preferred audio program for playing sound files.

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