Вга конвертер инструкция

вга конвертер инструкция
The output signal on this unit is VGA, which is a typical computer monitor connection. Datavideo DAC-70 up/down/cross converter is designed to convert video signals from VGA, HDMI, SDI with Audio input to 3G/HD/SD SDI ouptuts.Perfect for connecting a VGA/HDMI output from computer to SDI devices over long distance SDI cable. Solutons like lecture theater, church, auditorium room and conference hall. This can scale BNC and S-Video video sources to a resolution of 1280×1024. This adapter converts a composite signal which is a typical video signal for standard resolutions and usually uses a yellow RCA designation on most consumer products and a BNC connector on commercial/industrial applications. Displays PC monitor signal on a TV.Use TV to View Computer-based Media Easily connects a VGA port to almost any TV to view computer-based presentations, games, pictures and movies or Web browser. The BNC connector (like the one on this unit) is often preferred in commercial/industrial situations because of its locking mechanism.

Quick Installation and Easy to Use Manhattan PC TV Converter requires no software or drivers to install and operate with PC and Mac computers. This device also features VGA pass through, which allows you to use this device with a VGA source as well—even when there aren’t BNC connections detected. This BNC to VGA converter is perfect for security professionals and other applications for composite video signal to VGA signal conversion. What sets it apart from most versions is the scaling function.

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