Bosch maxx 5 pdf инструкция

bosch maxx 5 pdf инструкция
You can find out the water hardness from your water utility company. q the amount of laundry. Call us on 0344 892 8979* (options 3 and 4). * Calls are charged at the basic rate, please check with your telephone service provider for exact charges. Page 32 You can change the default washing temperature. The Ready control light Close the loading door (a click flashes. should be heard). Programme does not M Start button not pressed. Dispenser 2: Cleaning product, e.g. fabric softener, fabric conditioner (do not fill above the lower edge of the insert 1). Page 8: Control Panel Control panel 1. Select a programme Programme selector switches the washing machine on/off. Never clean the appliance with solvents. As required: Clean housing, q Use hot soapy water or a mild, non abrasive fascia and supply cleaning agent.

Page 35: Consumption Rates Consumption Rates Normal programme Load Consumption rates ** (without additional (without additional Electricity Water Duration functions) 40 C y Cottons + Linens 5.0 kg * 0.55 kWh 54 l 118 min. 60 C y Cottons + Linens 5.0 kg 0.95 kWh 54 l 118 min. Page 38: Installation Area Appliance stability is important so that the washing Installation area machine does not wander» during the spin cycles. Page 21 Dispenser I Adding detergent/ Detergent for prewash or starch. cleaning product Dispenser II Detergent for main wash, water softener, pre soaking agent, bleach and stain removal product. Pull out the strainer and rinse under running water. Height difference between the placement area and drainage point: maximum 100 cm.

Never clean the washing machine with a jet of water. d Risk of explosion! Grey residue on the Soiling caused by ointment, grease Select maximum detergent dosage washing. Page 60 Water drainage hose Warning Do not bend or pull the water drainage hose. Depending on the connection situation: — 1 hose clip 24-40 mm (DIY store) is also re quired for connection to a siphon. All packaging packaging materials are environment friendly and recyclable. Example of Easy Care 40 ºC programme: q Touch the W Finish in button, the display shows the minimum finish in time of the selected programme.

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