Инструкция стиральной машины бош классик 5

инструкция стиральной машины бош классик 5
Page 22 If you have accidentally selected the wrong Changing programme: a programme Turn the programme selector to Off. Пользуйтесь поиском по названию модели: Отсортировать по: Названию Популярности инструкция устройство размер. Page 20: Additional Functions Load adjust Additional Load adjust» matches the water and power functions consumption to each programme — according to the amount of washing and type of textiles. Page 16: Laundry Detergents And Additives Laundry Detergents and Additives d Risk of poisoning! Page 23: When The Programme Has Ended When the Programme has Ended The End control light comes on.

Если вещь не сильно загрязнена, и если это свежее загрязнение. Ослабьте затяжную гайтку ТЭНа и утопите его в гнезде, после чего его можно будет извлечь из стиральной машины. Page 31: Troubleshooting Minor Faults Troubleshooting Minor Faults d Risk of electric shock!

Page 45: Levelling Procedure All four appliance feet must be firmly on the ground. Basic setting = Button not pressed In the y Cottons + Linens programme the fabrics will be spun at the maximum possible spin speed. Page 46 Before transporting the washing machine Transport (e.g. when moving) Turn off the water tap(s). Release the water pressure in the supply hose(s) (refer to Page 29). Drain any residual washing solution (refer to Page 28). Disconnect the washing machine from the mains. Page 41 Hose and cable lengths Left hand connection approx. 100 cm approx. 145 cm approx. 85 cm Right hand connection approx. 145 cm approx. 90 cm approx. 135 cm Other hoses Available from specialist dealers: — Connector fittings for plastic hose (approx.

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