Honda lead 100 инструкция

Хватит на 3 сезона без заглядывания внутрь, а то и больше (смотря кто как ездит), просто поставил и езди с удовольствием. Планы такие, зимой почистить карб, посмотреть что там стало с ремнем . Думаю заказать тюнинг из Японии там есть Кит на 125сс, еще не решил стоит его брать или нет .. стоит он многовато . For the sake of comparison, the original Insight is rated at 49 mpg city and 61 mpg highway by the current stand­ards—and that’s a big reason people still want them. The neutral chassis can provide entertainment on two-laners, but bleed off too much speed, and getting the CR-Z back up to a velocity sufficient to reach its 0.85-g handling limit will take another corner, maybe two.

Что сделано: перепресован оригинальный коленвал, на тайваньский шатун — биение 0,02мм, новые подшипники НТН, новые сальники оригинал, расточен цилиндр под ремонтный поршень 40 +0,25мм, новые ролики, все промыто, прочищено и т.д. Расточка и перепресовка в заводских условиях, никакого колхоза. Building on the fun-to-drive character of the 10th-generation Civic lineup, the 2017 Civic offers customers more choice with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard equipment on the turbocharged Civic Sedan and Coupe in EX-T trims. The hatch opens to a generous cargo area that will accept 13 cases of longnecks if the cargo partition (a hard-plastic folding shelf that, padded, would be the seatback for two-plus-two-market CR-Zs) is folded. The electric power steering gives you all the quality feedback you might expect from a Chinese calculus professor—a poor trait that also plagues the Civic. Compared to the previous generation, the 10th-generation Civic is nearly 2 inches wider and 1 inch lower with a 1.2-inch longer wheelbase, featuring a more compact and sporty front overhang; a longer, more aggressively sculpted hood and fastback-style tail. Inside, the well-laid-out cabin borrows switchgear and the nav unit from the community bin.
The car is filled with excellent Honda traits: perfect shifter, great ergonomics, superb chassis. It may not have the power-to-weight ratio to compete with the old CRX, but the Z traverses blemished roads with poise. The rear hatch’s split window and large C-pillars downgrade rearward visibility to merely adequate. That first odd-looking, all-aluminum Insight was a fuel-economy champ, but it offered little room for belongings and only one additional seat, forcing most would-be buyers to wait seven long months for the more practical Toyota Prius. Fast-forward five years to a completely new Insight—a low-drag, five-door wedge similar to the Prius.

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