Инструкция к моторола dp4601

The Selected Channel refers to the user’s selected off. Quik-Call I is most famous for use in the fire service. Turning the Voice Operating Transmission (VOX) to VOX. Feature On or Off Press to enable VOX. Page 91: Identifying Cable Type Press the programmed Voice Announcement button. Your radio is able to receive data, for example a text message, to access the menu. from another radio or an e-mail application. to Messages and press to select.

Page 29: Bluetooth Device Icons, Led Indicator Bluetooth Device Icons LED Indicator The following icons appear next to items in the list of The LED indicator shows the operational status of your radio. Follow the procedure below. to Utilities and press to select. to access the menu. to Radio Settings and press to select. to Utilities and press to select. Our repeater owners and trustees constantly monitor network and repeater performance using several diagnostic tools such as RDAC and GW3-TRBO. TRBO also has an extensive 3rd party Application Developer Program. The benefits of Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ DP4401 Ex ATEX digital portable radios These high-performing portables have the highest ATEX gas explosion group rating. Включены версии для всех устройств(Wifi (wingray / MZ604) .:. US 4G (stingray / MZ602) .:. EU 3G (umts_everest / MZ601) .:. US 3G (stingray_cmda / MZ600))Team Eos ICS 2.0.0 Последняя прошивка на основе AOSP от Team Eos(продолжение Teamat). Русский присутствует не полностью.

Продукция MOTOTRBO поможет повысить эффективность вашего предприятия и увеличить продуктивность труда персонала – будь то рабочие в цехе или ремонтная бригада. How to Use This Guide . Page 12: Charging The Battery, Preparing Your Radio For Use Attaching the Battery……page 3 terms, charge the battery using a Motorola charger exactly as Attaching the Antenna. Mark and space tones are 1,200 Hz and 1,800 Hz. The data are sent in bursts over the radio system’s voice channel.

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