Инструкция motorola t 6500

инструкция motorola t 6500
This permits the extra bit from arithmetic, logic, and shift operations to be separated from the carry for flow-of-control and linkage. The MC6844 Direct Memory Access Controller could transfer data from an I/O controller to RAM without loading down the MC6800 microprocessor. Press [OK], then [MUTE] together — hold both buttons down until the lighted mode (power) buttons start blinking in sequence: Move mouse pointer over image for animation Press and hold the [CH ] button until the VCR turns off.

Write your TV brand & setup code for future reference. 5. Programming Your VCR To program (setup) the remote to operate your VCR… Turn on your VCR. Put in a VCR cassette and play it on your screen. The entire engineering team was scheduled to relocate there in 1975.[53] Many of the employees liked living in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa and were very wary about moving to Austin. Since at a minimum the starting code address vector must always be valid on reset, systems commonly included some nonvolatile memory (e.g. ROM) starting at address zero to contain the vectors and bootstrap code.

The mode (power) buttons will blink 3 times and go out. If your VCR does not turn back on, repeat steps 1-5 until you can turn your TV off and on. Rochester Electronics was Authorized by Freescale/Motorola in 2014[citation needed] to continue manufacturing any of the 8-bit peripherals and 8-bit processors of this era. The M6800 family was to use only one, +5 volts. It was easy to eliminate the -5 volt supply but the MOS transistors needed a supply of 10 to 12 volts.

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