Инструкция на nikon d32000

инструкция на nikon d32000
Guide mode: In Guide mode, available flash controls depend on the path you take through the guided menus. Press OK to display the screen shown at right in the figure, highlight your choice, and press OK again. Finally, action photos often aren’t taken at a range close enough for the flash to reach the subject, which is also why flash is disabled for Landscape mode. Image on the left shows that there is very less light which means the photograph will be underexposed. White Balance I use Auto White Balance, but set it to look warmer (more orange) because I prefer it. To do this, press MENU > Shooting Menu > White Balance > Auto > click right to A5 > OK. This gives warmer (more Amber) images.

Here now is my completely different online guide: Initial Menus and Set-Up top As I go through the menus, I leave most of them alone. Nikon Answers Site We store all resolved problems in our solution database. If you can’t find a relevant answer, feel free to submit a question to our technical support team. What you can‘t do is force the flash to fire if the camera thinks the ambient light is sufficient to expose the image. That is, it is neither on the right or left side, but rather set in the middle. If you don’t like looking through the viewfinder, you should also be able to see this exposure line on the back LCD display.

This can be a little challenging at first, but after a while you will have a complete understanding of how each change affects your exposure, which will, in turn, improve the way that you use the other modes. This prevents too much file name duplication on your hard drive, or on your online galleries. Auto Info Display I set this OFF. If ON, the rear settings screen on the LCD (a.k.a. the Info Display) turns on every time you tap the shutter halfway.

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