Инструкция philips cd 565

инструкция philips cd 565
Using the title menu A DVD is divided into long sections of a picture or a music feature called “titles.” When you play a DVD which contains several titles, you can select the title you want using the title menu. Page 57 • SUBWOOFER — NONE: If you do not connect a subwoofer, select this. Page 40 Creating Your Own Program (Program Play) x When playing a VIDEO CD or CD Select the track you want to program.

Page 67 Track (page 5) Sections of a picture or a music piece on a CD or VIDEO CD. Each track is assigned a track number enabling you to locate the track you want. VIDEO CD (page 4) A compact disc that contains moving pictures. You can also find Sonicare brush heads and Avent replacement parts through this page. To find parts and accessories for your product, please search via the model number of your product. To find product model number for your Sonicare toothbrush / Airfloss click here. The virtual speakers are reproduced as shown in the illustration below. VIRTUAL SEMI MULTI DIMENSION Uses 3D sound imaging to create virtual rear speakers from the sound of the front speakers (L, R) without using actual rear speakers. Page 20: Using The Dvd’s Menu Using the DVD’s Menu Some DVDs have a title menu or a DVD menu that is provided with DVDs only. Refer to the instructions supplied with your disc. See the table on page 64. The disc tray does not open and “LOCKED” is displayed on the front panel display. , Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

Subsequent “shuffling” may produce a different playing order. Page 36: Checking The Play Information Digital Cinema Sound Settings VIRTUAL MULTI DIMENSION Uses 3D sound imaging to create an array of virtual rear speaker positions higher than the listener from a single pair of actual rear speakers. Page 12: Channel Surround Hookups 5.1 Channel Surround Hookups Some DVDs have a sound track with up to 5.1 channels recorded in Dolby Digital format.

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