Инструкция pioneer pdp

инструкция pioneer pdp
Speaker cable Rear view MONITOR WOOFER DIGITAL DIGITAL OPTICAL OPTICAL Bead band Note • When tidying up your speaker cables, make sure to bundle them so that they are not subjected to any pressure. Use Manual Setup to optimize the positions and clock of images when necessary. Colors are so pure, they gush with their own emotions.

Panel without Speaker48-17/32” x 28-15/32” x 3-21/32” (W x H x D) Panel (w/detachable bottom speaker)48-17/32” x 31-5/8” x 3-21/32” (W x H x D) Panel Weight74 lbs. 1 oz. Much, much more. A universe of advanced picture-in-picture settings and game control preferences ensures your experience is unique and tailored to your specific tastes. Page 30: Av Selection, Basic Picture Adjustments Setting up AV Selection Select from the seven viewing options depending on the current environment (e.g., room brightness), the type of the current TV programme, or the type of images input from external equipment.

After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference. Along with its unrivaled image accuracy and clarity, the PDP-505CMX offers exceptional expandability, reliability and functionality. These are listed on your warranty card for each country or region. Page 5: Table Of Contents Contents Video Pattern ……… . 49 Sleep Timer. You can set tuner type and region in successive operations. Page 24: Freezing Images Watching TV Freezing images Use the following procedure to capture and freeze one frame from a moving image that you are watching. • Before operating with the remote control unit, make sure to select the TV mode using its SELECT button.

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