Инструкции на сайте www lego com 4203 видео

инструкции на сайте www lego com 4203 видео
This model has it all: power functions, pneumatics, and it also looks the part too; this is a really nice vehicle which really looks close to, if not better in some respects than the real thing. Следующие ЦИЗ не будут работать, в связи с обновлением информационных систем:- ул. 9-ая Парковая, д. 62, с 10.05.2017 — 22:00 до 11.05.2017 — 10:00- пр. Seeing it come together bit by bit was great! Promotional set. 7267 Paramedic 2005 1 EMT 15 elements. The set proved to be extremely popular among children and was re-released in 2011 as Shuttle Expedition with several re-designs to improve playability. However, the theme was the only 1991 subtheme not to continue another year.

Between us we own 15,872,360 sets worth at least US$425,735,382 and containing 4,061,107,721 pieces. Promotional set. 7266 Fireman 2005 1 firefighter 19 elements. Promotional set. 4937 Life Guard Tower 2007 1 lifeguard 38 elements. 4938 Fireman’s Car 2007 1 firefighter 28 elements. Accessory items include 3 road signs, a stereo, a park bench, a hand truck, a suitcase and stoplight. 7848 Toys R Us Delivery Truck 2010 3 minifigures 356 elements. Promotional set. 7280 Straight & Crossroad Plates 2005 0 2 elements. 7281 T-Junction & Curved Road Plates 2005 0 2 elements. 7643 Air Show Plane 2009 2 minifigures 115 elements 8398 BBQ Stand 2009 1 minifigure 22 elements 8401 City Minifigure Collection 2009 4 minifigures 60 elements.

The sheer number of parts alone make this worth buying, let alone the sheer amount of customisations that can be applied to it. Date published: 2016-05-14 Rated 5 out of 5 by MasterBuilder84 from Just like the real thing, only smaller (sort-of) Hands-down, one of the largest, most detailed, most realistic LEGO Technic vehicles I’ve ever assembled. It’s clear that lot of attention to detail went into creating this model. Date published: 2016-07-22 Rated 5 out of 5 by rleigh from Arocs 3245 This is the first new LEGO I have built in over 25 years, and marks my return to one of the greatest pleasures of my earlier years. This is an amazing set, and as an Electrical Engineer whose Lego bug has just been rekindled, this was the ideal stepping stone for my transition to an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego). It has superb details, amazing functions through an ingenious gear box, and absolutely HUGE play value.

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