Инструкция volkswagen radio

инструкция volkswagen radio
The correct tire inflation pressure for the factory-installed tires is listed on a label. What causes an airbag to deploy? In certain types of vehicle collisions, pressure sensors and crash sensors detect and rapidly trigger the deployment of corresponding front airbags, side airbags, head curtain airbags, or some combination of the above. Here are some details on how our airbag system works. That’s a bummer… You will need to call Roadside Assistance for lockout assistance to get into the passenger compartment. Airbags inflate very suddenly to help ensure complete inflation before contacting occupants.

Use button 2 to enter the second digit, etc. The Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) available in some of our vehicles may trigger an error message to alert the driver about a possible malfunction with the system. Is the DSG an automatic transmission? You should not tow your vehicle with all four wheels on the ground. Festnetz, ggf. andere Preise Mobilfunk). Unser Kundenservice ist montags bis freitags in der Zeit 08:00 bis 20:00 Uhr (außer den gesetzlichen Feiertagen) für Sie da. How do I program presets into my MIB radio?

This means when accelerating, the next higher gear will be selected later allowing the engine’s rpms to go higher before shifting. Touareg owners with the RNS 850 navigation system can only obtain map updates from your local VW dealer. For more details, please see the “Instrument Cluster” section in your Owner’s Manual. Once the vehicle is parked, here’s how you do it: Press the clock button to highlight the hour.

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